Geoff Marsh
(415) 624 4784

I will travel to any location in the world for every type of event from stage, street, festival, or corporate events to spread life and the love of my art and create a fun atmosphere for any occasion.  I can adapt my Show to any theme and work with the promoter to ensure a top quality performance.

Skills Workshops 
A circus skills program designed and adapted for elementary, middle, high schools students as well as Adults. I teach juggling, tumbling, clowning, mime, exercise, self-confidence, teamwork and how to become an entrepreneur in whatever skill makes a child feel free. Kids learn that they are not alone and nothing is impossible through constant encouragement and focused and consistent support. No child, no matter what skill level is left behind. 



*Every performance is insured by Performers of the US and Specialty Insurance Co. – Including any performance using fire.