Geoff Marsh
(415) 624 4784

2016 International Juggling Association Peoples Choice Award

2014 International Juggling Association 1st place Busking Competition

Don't watch the circus come be apart of it! Geoff Marsh’s physics-defying tricks and dangerous juggling stunts are pulled off with ease, but his personality alone can capture and intrigue each and every one of your guests! With as much heart as he has talent, Geoff will give you a show to remember when the kids become the star of the show: a witty, fun-filled, interactive performance of unthinkable yet hilarious juggling feats, musical plate spinning, audience participation, and much, much more!

Geoff Marsh has experience entertaining and traveling all over the world with his unique circus stunts and zany marionette puppets performing at family festivals, corporate events, Renaissance fairs, and private parties for over 15 years performing his 35-40 min show over 400 times a year.

In addition to to his yearly shows Geoff volunteers with Clowns Without Borders non-profit that offers laughter in hospitals, refugee camps, crisis areas, disaster zones, migrant camps, neighborhoods and schools of extreme poverty since 2015.

Here are some links to his photo gallery and blog from his trips to Haiti and Kenya.

Show highlights include:

  • Unique equilibrium stunts with mouth sticks, balls, and cylinders
  • Close up magic with cards, coins, and rope. > 1 to 5 acrobatic hat juggling routine
  • Musical plate spinning drum solo act involving up to 5 kids a show
  • Family friendly entertainment that can be adapted to any theme.

For the finale his signature stunt of balancing a broom, upon the bristles, balanced between a chair, and on top a spinning 17 gal washtub making it one of the largest gyroscopes ever balanced upon ones face 25ft in the air.

His act also includes walk around performances between stage shows with his marionette puppets that interact and engage guests. There is a lifelike Dog Marionette that loves to play with kids and a skeleton marionette that performs comedy, standup, impersonations, and various dances from around the world and finales by puppeteering the kids without any strings.

Former and Current Renaissance Festivals:

  • Carolina Renaissance Fest 2008 - Present
  • Arizona Renaissance Fest 2009 - Present
  • Georgia Renaissance Fest 2015 - Present
  • Bristol Renaissance Fair 2007-2015
  • Door County Renaissance Fair 2011- 2017
  • California Renaissance Fair 2014-2016
  • New York Renaissance Fair 2014-2018

Past Corporate Clients:

Harley Davidson, Tower Records, Briggs and Stratton, Acuity Insurance, Johnson Controls, Ashley Furniture Company, Herbalife, Lagunitas, Pabst, Miller Brewing companies, Hendricks distilling, Johnsonville Company, Rockwell Automation, Northwestern Mutual, Man Power Group, Kroger/Roundy’s Supermarkets, and Kohl’s company stores.

Notable Tours:

  • 2004-2005 Big Bang Circkus tour across the United States
  • 2006-2007 Big Apple Circus New York and Stone Mountain Georgia
  • 2010 Toured with rock band Queensryche Cabaret
  • 2015 performed before the Rolling Stones in Milwaukee Wi
  • 2015 Clowns Without Borders Tour of Chiapas Mexico
  • 2015 Clowns Without Borders Kenya Kakuma Refugee Camp
  • 2016 Clowns Without Borders Nicaragua tour from Honduras Border to the Costa Rica
  • 2017 Clowns Without Borders tour of Haiti

*Every performance is insured by Performers of the US and Specialty Insurance Co. – Including any performance using fire.